Our Major Goal

The major goal is poverty reduction through empowering marginalized youth and other members of the community through ICTs, by connecting them with the rest of the world to acquire technology, skills, knowledge and resources in seeking solutions for their poverty.

Our history

YYIDARECT was established in 2000 by two founder members Sydney Mangweka and Michael Mapfunde in Mutare City with the goal to empower youth using ICT, and modern technologies. YIDARECT was formerly registered as a Trust with the Register of Deeds, Harare in the year 2008. YIDARECT is an ‘inclusive community’ where ICT, culture, arts and sport will be the key enabling tools.


Legitimacy 100%
Commitment 100%
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YIDARECT is intended to address the growing need for the engagement of youth as full partners in rural and urban development and governance issues. Youth comprise a significant and growing proportion of Zimbabwe’s population, and indeed are the majority, most especially in their rapidly expanding rural and urban centres.


we have the experience and confidence you are looking for.


THE centre has designated staff members who provide capacity building in a broad range of topics including Youth and Information Work, Resource Mobilization, Gender Mainstreaming and others. Volunteers and intents are regularly recruited to assist with day to day running of programs.

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